Founder & General Manager

About Us

Tekno Kontrol was established in 1993 by Haluk Aykun to meet the demands of hydraulic – pneumatic products in the industrial field and to offer problem-oriented integrated solutions. In line with its aims, our company has undertaken the representation of important companies in the sector, especially from Germany and Italy. While maintaining the local activities of the companies we represent, we provide material-supported engineering services to our customers with a wide variety of materials and strong stock understanding.

Tekno Kontrol, serving successfully in its sector for 30 years, offers effective engineering solutions by combining high quality products with its fast supply capability and takes its place among the companies known for its service quality. Our understanding that attaches importance to development is based on continuity with appropriate stock levels while enriching the hydraulic-pneumatic material groups under our roof. Our service network includes hydraulic power units, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic circuit elements and hydraulic project design.

Tekno Kontrol has positioned itself as the distributoring partner of Vickers by Danfoss, a world leader in its field, and has created a wide range of activity potential in this field. The share and activities of Vickers, one of the leading hydraulic companies in the sector, are increasing rapidly in our country. Another area in which we are active is the high pressure hydraulics that we serve under the Enerpac brand. We are the official representative of Enerpac for more than 20 years, providing service with important projects and superior material quality. We aim to further increase our completed and ongoing reference works on hydraulic system consultancy, product supply or system rental in important projects in Turkey. Our understanding that sees after-sales service as important as sales continues to provide fast and reliable service in warranty and repair issues as the only authorized Enerpac Service Station accredited throughout Turkey.

Our company has taken important steps in the field of hydraulics throughout its existence in the sector. Our company, which is especially sought after and responds to the needs of Vickers and Enerpac, is in a work that prioritizes service quality. These efforts will increase gradually in the upcoming periods and our activities will expand. Our goal is to become an indispensable address for the needs in the market by further expanding the production possibilities in Tekno Kontrol in the future.